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"Season 8’s finale was stolen by Padalecki’s amazing acting, and it looks like he just might take Season 9 as well. ” [x]
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Last year was child’s play. This year, you’re dealing with all experienced killers.

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they are always gonna use it against us

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Game of Daddy Issues

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In which Jaime required coffee in order to sit through the wedding vows. [x]

please note this is not seen in the episode; it’s from the rehearsal.
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It was Tyrion. He killed him. He told me he would. The day will come when you think you are safe and happy. And your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth. That’s what he said to me.

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Sam Claflin at the Extra set - April 21st, 2014.

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I think that they think that I’m “nice”, which I think I am generally. I think there’s a dark side to every human being. [laughs] Not that I want to share that with the world but I don’t think people should take me for granted. What I’m trying to say is for casting especially I’ve found it so apparent that the majority of the roles that I play are the “nice guy” or the “guy that falls in love” and I think there’s a lot more to me than meets the eye

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make me choose 

anonymous asked » delena or AND steroline

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