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It’s supposed to be for the horses but who cares about them, right? (request by alwaysdraco)

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It’s supposed to be for the horses but who cares about them, right? (request by alwaysdraco)

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I don’t consider myself an attractive guy, and someone who should be playing that, you know. I think there’s a lot more to me that meets the eye.

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I’m right here 

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not looking forward to all the hypocrites coming out of the woodworks for episode 18 who claim to hate elena but really just hate elena isn’t dating stefan

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I’m re-watching Season 1 of TVD and I’ve gotten to episode 19, the Miss Mystic Falls pageant. And I’m starting to notice just how much, even from the beginning, they kind of failed with Elena’s character.

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scarletismine asked: yep bc it's so cute

Agree. They’re soooo adorable, you know… troy and gabriella are the best otp’s i’ver seen in my whole life. I love them so fucking much *-*

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Sam Winchester in 9.18 'Meta Fiction'

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spn writer #1: guys ive got an idea
spn writer #1: what if we just totally disregard all of sams character development for the past 8 years
spn writer #1: and completely change his character so he comes off as a heartless douchebag who doesn't love his brother
spn writer #2: wait what no thats a terrible idea
spn writer #1: wait im not finished
spn writer #1: and we do it all to set up another huge argument between the two in which sam is completely unsympathetic but dean looks like a hurt puppy
spn writer #3: oh! and we can build up sam's relationship with cas and totally ignore it for the rest of the series!
all spn writers: FUCKING BRILLIANT
spn writer #1: ok that was a lot of work for one day lets go home
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scarletismine asked: your slide gif tbh

You’re talking about my sidebar gif ???

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